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Pick Me Up

STAY ENERGIZED: Vitamin B12 combined with Guarana gives you a jolt of natural caffeine.

GET FOCUSED: Chinese ginseng may help improve brain functions like memory, behavior, and mood.

NATURAL VITAMINS & MINERALS: Fortify your system with calcium. Energize with vitamin B12.

PROVEN FORMULA: For students, professionals, doctors, moms, or anyone needing a mid-day Pick Me Up!

FATIGUE FIGHTER: Our formula is designed to give you the mental clarity you need to succeed. No Jitters. No Crash. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed!

    Looking for a natural Pick Me Up? California Natural has you covered with our proprietary and proven energy supplement. It's a naturally stimulating blend of vitamin b12, calcium, ginseng, guarana, and bee pollen. Each tablet packs a powerful punch to get you going without the hard crash that comes with sugary energy drinks and espresso. California Natural's Pick Me Up combines a natural blend of nutrients and dietary ingredients to recharge your body's stamina and health. It's uniquely designed to fight fatigue by supporting energy production, and adrenal function.* Guarana provides a safe and natural source of caffeine that won't give you the jitters or a crash. Pick Me Up has approx. 60 mg of natural caffeine per serving (equivalent to about 1/2 cup of coffee). Our energy formula is the go-to supplement for hard-working students and professionals. Anyone looking for a competitive edge at the office or even in the gym. Using energy drinks or digesting too much acidic coffee can leave your body's PH level out of balance and exhausted. Pick Me Up is a better alternative to sugary sources of caffeine. It contains calcium which a critical building block of your brain's nervous system. Directions for use: Take 1 Capsule as needed. All Ingredients are globally sourced, lab tested and certified. We manufactured in the USA in a USDA, FDA, and cGMP compliant facility. Non-GMO, 100% alcohol, and cruelty-free.