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Immunity Shots 1 oz Spray

THE ORIGINAL IMMUNITY POWERHOUSE: Delivers potent antioxidants that may support immune system health while fighting off free radicals in the body.

RECOVER FAST: Stimulates your natural immune system with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. A synergetic blend of ingredients provides immediate relief from seasonal symptoms. You will feel it immediately.

DEFEND YOUR HEALTH Immune Booster combines powerful herbal immune helpers including OptiZinc a potent natural immunity defender.*

PROPRIETARY FORMULA: Combines just the right amount of organic ginger root (natural expectorant), organic astragalus root, organic olive leaf, grapefruit seed extract, pure wild oregano oil.

THE ORIGINAL IMMUNITY SHOT: California Natural's immunity shot is the #1 immunity shot available.

    Who doesn't want a little extra defense from the seasonal symptoms and germ-filled environments? How about getting a leg up on the symptoms you already have? California Natural's Immune Shots is here to save the day. It's the first and only immunity booster with a synergistic blend of Grapefruit Seed Extract, Organic ginger, Pure Wild Mediterranean Oregano Oil (70% carvacrol), Olive Leaf, Astragalus Root, and Opti zinc. Feel the immediate relief that comes with California's favorite immunity booster. Don't wait till you are already feeling bad! Add immunity Shot's to your daily health regimen by adding it to smoothies, green juices, or water. Proven antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients may support your body's natural immune defenses by fighting free-radicals in the body. It's the perfect defense for workers in germ-filled environments and frequent flyers. Use it for an energy boost when you are feeling run down by life's demands. Immunity Shots is the best natural remedy for seasonal symptoms. Experience the immediate relief that comes from powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal phytochemical Carvacrol. Patented Optizinc provides your immune system with essential minerals necessary for fortifying your body against disease. Wild Oregano Oil, Pure ginger (natural expectorant), and Grapefruit Seed Extract are potent antioxidants that help clear your system of toxins and fight off infection fast. Use it when you need a natural remedy for that sore throat. 
 immunity Shots is perfect for: Frequent Flyers and Travelers Industrial Workers Medical Workers Health Conscious Individuals Athletes Teachers and Students Anyone wanting a healthy edge! 
 Our immunity Shots ingredients are globally sourced, lab tested, and certified. We manufactured in the USA in a USDA, FDA, and cGMP compliant facility. Non-GMO, 100% alcohol, and cruelty-free.